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WFCU Home Banking

Home Banking is a free service offered by the Webster Federal Credit Union.You must sign up for this service in the office. If you need help with Home Banking, please call or visit the office for individual instructions. This site will allow you to check your account balances, review or print checks that have cleared your account, transfer from savings to checking, make loan payments, etc.

General reminders about Home Banking:

  • If you get locked out, call the office (585) 671-8900 to be reset.
  • You must keep $5.00 in your share #1 account.
  • Do not ESC or back arrow during a home banking transaction.
  • Always follow the on-line instructions.
  • Home Banking data is updated only three times per day (9:00 AM, 12:00 PM 5:00 PM) and only on weekdays.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a free service offered by the Webster Federal Credit Union. You must sign up for this service in the office.If you need help with Bill Pay, please call or visit the office for individual instructions.

  • Please remember there is a difference between SEND DATE and PAYMENT DATE.
  • For Bill Pay Electronic Payments: Send Date must be at least 3 business days earlier than the Payment Date.
  • For Bill Pay Check Payments: Send date must be at least 8 business days earlier than the Payment Date.
  • Electronic Payments should post as soon as the CU processes the file and they run it through their DP software.
  • Check Payments post when the merchant receiving the check deposits it and it comes in the CU's file as a inclearing item, of course you are at the mercy of the merchant and when they decide to deposit it.
  • A Rejected Electronic Payment will try 2 additional times on 2 consecutive days.
  • A returned Check Payment would follow the check processing guidelines and can try again as paper or an ACH with a total of 3 tries within a 6 month time period.
  • Any time there is an insufficient funds transaction, the CU will charge a NSF fee of $20.00.

Secure On-Line Check Reordering

We have invested in VeriSign's secure server digital certificate to protect your data. Through the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the standard for secure communications on the Web, your data is being sent to a secure database and is encrypted to protect your privacy.

The on-line check reordering is a service allowing you use an Internet site to order checks. On this site, you can customize your checks and make changes to your current check style. To order more WFCU checks online, click this Check Reordering link.

WFCU is using a more reasonably-priced, check printing company. Before you order checks online from this new company, you will need to call the office (585-671-8900) and a staff member will set up your account.

Gift Card

This Gift Card link will allow you to check the balance and transactions of the gift card purchased from us. Also, you can add additional funds to the gift card.

Mortgage Rates

This Mortgage Rates Link will take you to the web site of CUC Mortgage, the company that processes the Credit Union's first mortgages. Our current first mortgage rates are listed on the CUC rate page. The Credit Union's Home Equity rates are found on the Rates Page of our web site. If you have any questions, please call the office (585-671-8900) or email the office, (


This WFCU VISA Credit Card web site will allow you to check your Credit Union VISA card balance, transactions, make payments, and view current statement. Also, available are 6 to 18 months of previous statements.

Other On-line Services: Loan Applications

All loan applications can be faxed to (585-671-9193), emailed to, mailed or dropped off at the office.Be sure to include a current pay stub with your application.

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